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Join other Christians and churches who want to help struggling churches refocus and get back on mission.












 Helping Pastors and Churches Refocus on Ministry

God's first work in the last days is in His church.

(See 1 Peter 4:17 and Revelation chapters 1-3)


ReFocused Ministry (RFM) exists to advance the gospel by encouraging, assisting and coaching pastors and their churches.

IMGP6402.jpg God's plan for the end times begins with a shakeup of existing churches.  The Book of Revelation opens with God sending messengers to His churches to challenge the church to address "the elephant in the room" type issues in order to realign and refocus on God's desire for His church.  This happens before any other prophetic activity takes place.  That time is upon us . . . We will not see cultural revival until we see church revival.  Revival involves turning away from what is natural and comfortable in order to realign with God's Word and His desires. 

God is speaking to pastors and churches today.  Those that have ears need to hear what the Spirit is saying.  For some reason God did not use the pastors (stars) of the churches to shake them up.  He used outside messengers . . . maybe because the pastors had somewhat adapted to or were held hostage by the problems that needed to be addressed.  Revival begins with surrender, humility, vulnerability and trust.  It is not all about strategy, structure, systems and styles.  It goes much deeper . . . it is really about the organism more than the organization . . . it's about spiritual worship, body-life, community impact and God's presence. (strategy, structure, systems and styles are secondary issues)

God has placed struggling pastors and stalled churches on my heart.  With a background in church planting (reopened a closed church, established a new church and served on staff of one of the fastest growing church plants in America), an MS in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlanic University and 35 years of ministry experience, God has equipped me for such a time as this.  He has called me to serve existing churches.  

ReFocused Ministy utilizes several assessment tools, outside resource leaders and extended stays at the church in order to facilitate what God wants to do with each unique church situation. We have no universal fix or program. We have one universal message . . . "God is preparing His church for His return."  It would be our privilege to help your church refocus on God's purposes and experience His power.   Contact me . . . let's talk . . . partner with us.


RFM Ministry Opportunities

ReFocused Ministry offers FIVE OPPORTUNITIES to assist the church in fulfilling its God ordained role of advancing the Gospel.  Contact us to book your time to Refocus.

1.   Onsite Church Consulting/Coaching

A ministry to churches that offers internal assessment, discovery and defined action plans to assist the church in aligning with the key elements of a biblical transformational church. 

 * Onsite Church Consulting/Coaching is available to any church that is struggling to reach their world for Christ. The average consult takes 7 - 10 weeks.    Revelation 2 - 3

 2.  Weekend Challenges and Conferences

Dynamic, challenging weekend messages to help churches realign with God’s love and purpose.  One-day conferences with workshops aimed at helping local churches re-evaluate and refocus on specific areas of ministry.

*  Available to any church or local group that wants to have their people challenged to be the church God designed them to be.    2 Timothy 4:2-5

3.  Church Merger Liason Ministry

Mediation and assistance in church mergers to restore ministries and advance the Gospel.

*Mission merger assistance is available to any struggling church and/or growing church that wants to have a greater mission impact in America.  Matthew 28:18-20


4.  Cultural Warriors Conferences

Four workshops that help Christians to biblicallly respond to an ever increasing anti-Christian agenda that is gaining political and legal muscle.

*Available to any church or Christian group that wants to remain effective and powerful during these challenging days.  1 Chronicles 12:32

5.  Personal and Team Leadership Coaching


Offsite coaching designed to help pastors and their leaders    


* Personal Leadership Coaching is available to any pastor, missionary or Christian leader who needs to refocus their call and/or realign their team.      2 Timothy 1:6,7; Romans 12:1-13